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CUSTOM COLLECTIONUpdated 2 months ago

Submitting your pet photo

-We suggest submitting a photo that is well lit, sitting or standing (full body) and preferably looking towards the camera. This allows the artist to best capture the details of your pet.

-All leashes and obstructions in the photo will not be included. 

-Collars and tags will be included unless otherwise requested. If you would like to have these removed from the portrait, please email [email protected]

Custom order status

-All custom orders have a 5-8 week processing time, once the artist has completed the order, you will receive a shipping confirmation with tracking information.

-Any timeline extensions, exceptions, or guaranteed receipt dates will be communicated on the custom item’s page. 

Custom artwork

-Examples of the custom artwork can be found online. We work with artists whose styles may vary slightly and they do their best to capture all details and colors of the original image.

Painted vs Embroidery 

-Embroidered artwork on most of our embroidered product, is a character outline. While C.BONZ takes a photo-realistic approach, there are some artistic limitations and liberties

-Embroidered artwork on our custom denim jacket is the only embroidery work that is offered in color

Proofs/Mock ups of custom items

-Our artists paint directly onto the custom item, they are not able to provide mock ups prior to working on the order.

Requesting multiple pets

-At this time, we offer 1 pet customization per order.

Care Instructions

-All artists seal the painted item with a protective spray once completed. You can care for your custom painted piece by spot cleaning with a microfiber cloth and warm water, avoiding the painted area of the bag. We recommend storing the custom item in a dust bag without it pressing against anything to protect the artwork. 

Feedback or questions

-Our Customer Care team can assist you with any customization requests or to update you on the status of your order. 

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